Your perfect fitness programme 

Achieve your fitness, training and body image goals with personal training programmes from Bodyfresh. 
Our approach is simple – we are here to help you achieve your goals. No set training programmes, no boot camps and no gimmicks – just a fully personalised functional training programme that works for you. 
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a world-class athlete, or have never done a day of exercise in your life, we will provide an effective programme to deliver the results you want. 


One of our core personal training principles is functional fitness – training your muscles to work together in the right way, using proper technique, so you’re stronger, fitter and more able to tackle the things you want to do. 
Functional fitness works by simulating the movements you need to do everyday, whether that’s at home, at work or whilst playing sports. Functional fitness will help you to: 
Improve posture, balance and stability 
Raise your athletic performance and extend your career 
Burn fat and develop lean muscle 
Build core strength 
Reduce pain and decrease your risk of injury 
Bodyfresh sports therapy and sports massage sessions are delivered by us – Kim holds a BASc (hons) degree in Sports and Exercise Therapy. 
We won’t just treat your symptoms and alleviate your pain – we will get to the root cause of your problems. Thoroughly assessing your injuries and creating an effective treatment and rehabilitation plan, you’ll be back to your best in no time. 
Unlock your full potential. Book your first personal training session today and take your first steps towards your fitness goals. 
Please call Kim on 07792849615, or email 
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