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Bringing you back to functional health 

Rebuild your body and get back to your best with expert sports therapy and sports massage from Bodyfresh. 
With an excellent track record in the successful treatment of all kinds of injuries in athletes and individuals of all ages, Bodyfresh will provide you with a personalised sports therapy programme designed to: 
Improve posture, balance and stability 
Regain strength 
Maximise mobility 
Prevent future injury 
You’ll also benefit from a tailored exercise and rehabilitation programme, so you can continue to make progress between sessions. 
WE will rebuild you! 

A Bodyfresh sports massage will help treat the following:  

Digestive disorders 
Insomnia related to stress 
Myofascial pain syndrome 
Soft tissue strains 
Bodyfresh sports therapy and sports massage sessions are delivered by us – Kim holds a BASc (hons) degree in Sports and Exercise Therapy. 
We won’t just treat your symptoms and alleviate your pain – we will get to the root cause of your problems. Thoroughly assessing your injuries and creating an effective treatment and rehabilitation plan, you’ll be back to your best in no time. 
Take the first steps to recovery and book your Bodyfresh Sports Therapy session today. Alternatively, for additional information, please call Kim on 07792849615, or email kim@bodyfresh.co.uk 
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